Car Rental in Rotorua

Going Places?

If you are planning to travel in and around Rotorua, hiring a car is a good options to explore the region. As well as being independent and flexible, you can visit places away from main tourist trails.

There are many options to choose from, when looking for a car rental in Rotorua.

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Hertz® Rotorua Downtown
Hiring a Car in Rotorua

Hiring a Car with IHG® Rewards Club

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Hertz® Rotorua Airport
Hiring a Car in Rotorua

What to Check Before Renting a Car?

Depending on the company, the minimum renting age varies between 18 and 25.

To drive in New Zealand you need to be in possession of a local driver’s license. Alternatively, it is possible to use an overseas drivers license for 12 consecutive months each time you enter New Zealand. If your license is not in English, make sure that you carry an official translation of the license with you at all times.

Be Prepared

New Zealand is a right-hand drive country, which means that the vehicle always drive on the left hand side of the road.

There are plenty challenges on New Zealand’s roads such as wind, snow, sharp corners and narrow or hilly terrain. These conditions might make your journey longer that you initially expected, make sure you are completely awake when driving and schedule enough breaks.

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